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Having had our humble beginning in 2011, we are now a fully integrated architectural enterprise with both design capabilities as well as contracting capacities. We also have our own dedicated interior fit-out manufacturing facility where we pre-fabricate necessary furniture, cabinets and other fit-outs for later assembly at work sites. Our design creativity as well as the leanest possible production methodology ensures affordable, novel and stylish spaces for our valuable clients with an assured peace of mind in the long run.

We take care of end to aspects of the projects be it design, construction, interiors, furniture or cabinets or even a pen stand or a towel rod, if it is worth the effort. We are capable of handling all sorts of client requirements be it residential, commercial or industrial in both B2B and B2C format.

Why Ascendant Architecture ?

Our entire design philosophy can be summarized to just one line as follows.

“If a single line in a drawing solves a problem, let it be so”

Nothing more, nothing less. Just build what is needed, use just enough resources, avoid needless design overdoses and ensure a functionally efficient and aesthetically appealing well curated spaces for our clients. We definitely don’t build cheap, but instead what we ensure is value for every rupee that is spent. We have dependable solutions for clients from all layers of the social spectra.

In Ascendant, we don’t perpetrate the idea of building cheap but definitely affordable. What we ensure is value for every rupee that is spent. What is built has to live up to its purpose as long as it is envisaged for. In our process, we invest more time on conceptualizing solutions that serves more purpose for a client, investing least resources possible.

Being a wood intensive activity, one rightfully doubts how such an enterprise can have moral grounds to speak on green quotient. But we would like to look at it from the other side. It is, actually, such enterprises, who should be the torch bearers of green quotient by setting themselves an example. How we do it is all fundamentally based on our aforesaid design philosophy. With such a minimalist approach we build just enough without discounting a bit on client’s requirements, ensure most judicial use of resources, negligible volumes of wastages, value added products from off cuts and wastages etc, we take utmost care to deliver most out of minimal ecological resources.

There is no substitute for the peace of mind given by a well-maintained structure. We at Ascendant consider a structure built is just half the work done. We understand a layman client will always require technical support and services for quality maintenance of what is built. Depending on the nature of the projects we offer different maintenance packages.

Quality standards

Standard specifications Process & principles Longevity

Sustainable Living

Vernacular architecture
Zero budget living

Customized interior designs

We ensure your house design is in keeping with your distinct tastes. Everything, from creating furniture to choosing furnishings and lighting, is meant to reflect your sense of design.

Low environmental impact

Sustainable living

We provide necessary creative design and technical consulting services for various solutions so as to increase the sustainability quotient of a project. The fundamental idea is to minimize dependence on external markets or even producing surplus of two resources, food and power.

is a concept where entire power and food requirements of a residential space is satisfied from within the same property itself. This way of life not only brings down the expenditure, but more importantly enhances wholesome quality of life. With good quality food and lush green surroundings, one naturally becomes healthier and more peaceful. The pleasure of growing one’s own food is an added bonus.

We provide trendy and designer solutions, custom made to adapt any plot/structure, to attain this level of quality life. There are endless creative possibilities to make zero budget living possible for both independent homes or even community living premises, in an aesthetically appealing manner.

Utilizing local raw materials with minimal energy expenditure ensures minimal carbon footprint of the entire structure. Moreover, such structures have proven to be pretty resilient surviving the might of mother nature. We have living examples ranging from huts to palaces, built with mere mud, standing upright all the way through several centuries.

We, in Ascendant, always love to contribute our humble share of knowledge with the precious dreams of our clients to make it happen. We always strive to find the most pragmatic balance with which one can have a vernacular inhabitant space without discounting on their contemporary requirements.


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Sudheer M Raveendran

Proprietor Interior designer, consultant and manufacturer

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