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Organics is our, relatively, newer initiative where we strive to blend as much technology as possible to farming. Here we are mainly driven by two objectives

  • Making farming possible where it was always thought impossible
  • Making scales of productivity that was always thought impossible

With various studies and pilot projects we have accustomed ourselves with numerous proven solutions, the creative implementation of which takes our valuable clients to newer levels of sustainable living as well as a greener planet.

With our proven methods, we have already started running our own farms where quality produces are harvested and made available for the markets. Preparatory works are underway for our foray into value addition of several niche crops and niche products.

Our Services


Farm design

Plan your farms to ensure better sustainability and space efficiency, better yield and reducing labour dependency.


Farm tourism projects

Convert your existing farm into a leisure spot. Plan guest activities, homestay facilities and much more.


Urban farming solutions

Endless possibilities to convert your unused spaces into productive ones. Right from apartment balconies to garages to rooftops to abandoned kennels, any cubic volumes of space can hold a patch of greens. If properly planned those can yield pretty good volumes, perhaps even the entire need of the owner.


Micro Farms

Convert your tiny land holdings as small as your backyards into highly productive farm fields. With a mid-term or long term plan any tiny piece of land can produce unbelievably large volumes of healthy food. With integration of suitable technology this becomes even more productive and easier to manage.

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₹ 45.00

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₹ 40.00

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₹ 50.00

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₹ 80.00

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  • All
  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Banana
Pure organic fruits
Affordable prices
We offer a wide range of organic fruits

Our Team

Sudheer M Raveendran

Farmer Organic farmer doing aquaponics farming

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